Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Innocent "Illegal" Immigrants

I am so surprised when I hear others talk about how little patience they have for undocumented immigrants. These people view "illegal" immigrants as criminals who are no better than common thieves or drug dealers. They ask me why I work to help "illegals" when they should just leave the country. Sadly, these narrow minded people do not know the innocent "illegals" that I meet regularly in my practice.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Is Immigration Reform Coming Soon?

Now that the Presidential election is behind us, when can the US expect to see comprehensive immigration reform? It has been believed that both political parties agree there needs to be reforms. But when will this happen?

Read my newest blog entry on this topic appearing at http://www.tuckerludin.com/2012/12/11/is-immigration-reform-on-the-horizon/

Whether immigration reform happens or not, expect the Obama administration to make it issue #1 after January 1st. I hope that the government tackles this issue and finds a way to compromise. The US immigration law is due for an overhaul. Most importantly, there must be some way to have a pathway for citizenship for the millions of undocumented immigrants currently living within the US borders.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Apply for Deferred Action Now

Now that the Presidential election is over, it is now time to apply for deferred action. If you qualify, a young undocumented immigrant can legally live in the U.S., apply for a work permit and, in many states, receive a driver's license.

It was not clear what Mitt Romney would have done with President Obama's deferred action executive order, but since he is not going to be President, that fear is no longer there. Read the blog posted on my website for more information about this at http://www.tuckerludin.com/2012/11/13/now-is-the-time-to-apply-for-deferred-action/

For more information on deferred action and whether you qualify, go to http://www.tuckerludin.com/practice-areas/immigration/deferred-action-for-young-illegal-immigrants/

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Immigration Reform is a Non-Partisan Issue (or at least it should be)

I was absolutely thrilled to read an article authored by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick, Hoover Institution Research Fellow, which appeared in the November 4, 2012 issue of Parade Magazine. This thoughtful piece outlined the author’s position on immigration reform.
Bush and Bolick recognized that the best way to save safety-net programs and escape our country’s current debt  burden would be to have a “pipeline” of hard working, talented immigrants.  They acknowledged that our country needs more scientists and engineers than our schools are currently producing and these positions can be filled with new immigrants. Furthermore, immigrants start businesses at a much higher rate than native-born Americans.
They stated that in order to encourage the immigration needed to fuel our economic growth, we need to issue more skilled worker visas than the 65,000 issued annually.  After all, if companies cannot meet their labor needs here, they may open factories and offices overseas.
Most surprising was Bush and Bolick’s suggestion for dealing with “illegal immigrants”. They proposed that illegal immigrants who have not committed a crime in the U.S. should be granted a green card upon payment of a fine. Their children should have a path to citizenship.  Furthermore, they recognize that the entire immigration system is cumbersome and contradictory and the laws need to be rewritten.  Considering the fact that these same positions have been declared by Democratic leaders, there is no reason why this reform should not become reality.
As an immigration practitioner, I agree completely. By punishing illegal immigrants who have not violated our laws, we are depriving our country of much needed talent. The immigrants I have met are exceptionally motivated to work hard and provide a better life for their children. These are exactly the type of people who will kick start our economic growth.  Easing immigration restrictions would not only be compassionate and just for those who dream of immigrating, but just as importantly, it will help our country grow.
The time for immigration reform is now.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

What Business Visa is Best For You

Almost every week I consult with potential foreign clients interested in doing business in the United States. They usually come to me having done some research on the internet with the plan to apply for a particular visa. But, after a few minutes we realize that the visa is completely inapplicable for what they want to accomplish.

I have prepared a summary of the business visas and posted it on my law firm website at http://www.tuckerludin.com/practice-areas/immigration/doing-business-in-the-u-s/ . If you are interested in opening a business in the United States, you must first ask yourself a) do you want to immigrate and eventually become a US citizen and b) how much can you invest in your new business venture? The answer to those questions will ultimately control which visa path you pursue.

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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How the Political Parties Stand on Immigration Issues

If you are interested in immigration issues in the United States, you should be wondering where the Republican and Democratic parties stand on these matters.  The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) was kind enough to compile the major points of each Party’s platform that relate to immigration. Here are some of the highpoints:

The Republican Party Platform on Immigration
  • Supports the rule of law and opposes any form of amnesty.
  • Top priority is security at borders and ports of entry to prevent drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism. Calls for completion of the double-layered fencing on the southern border
  • Supports “humane procedures to encourage illegal immigrants” to leave the U.S. Supports increased enforcement against overstays.
  • Opposes the current administration’s 2012 policy of granting deferred action to certain individuals who came to the U.S. as children.
  • Supports tougher penalties for ID theft, human trafficking and for those who deal in fraudulent documents.
  • Supports long-term detention of those who cannot be deported to their country of nationality.
  • Supports use of the 287(g) cooperation agreements with states and localities.
  • Opposes the Obama administration’s “assaults on state governments” on immigration. Opposes the ongoing Department of Justice litigation against state immigration laws.
  • Calls for denying federal funding to “sanctuary cities” and to universities that offer in-state tuition rates to illegal immigrants.
  • Supports making E-verify mandatory nationwide. Supports state immigration enforcement efforts in the workplace.
  • Supports making the SAVE program mandatory. SAVE verifies the lawful presence of applicants for State or federal government entitlements or IRS refunds.
  • Calls for English as the nation’s official language.
  • Supports granting more visas to holders of advanced degrees in science technology, engineering and math fields.
  • Willing to consider a guest worker program to meet labor needs.

The Democratic Party Platform on Immigration

  • Supports comprehensive immigration reform with the following components: bring undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and require them to get right with the law, learn English, and pay taxes in order to get on a path to earn citizenship; and create a system for allocating visas that meets the nation’s economic needs, keeps families together, and enforces the law.
  • Supports the DREAM Act and continuing to provide deferred action to undocumented people who came to the U.S. as children.
  • Plans to hold employers accountable for whom they hire.
  • Prioritizes enforcement against criminals who endanger communities instead of immigrants who do not pose a safety threat.
  • Supports family reunification as a priority. Supports the current administration’s streamlining of the process of legal immigration for immediate relatives of U.S. citizens and the enhanced opportunities for English-language learning and immigrant integration.
  • Supports continued litigation to oppose state enforcement laws that interfere with federal immigration law.
  • Supports inclusion of lesbian, gay bisexual, transgender relationships in the definition of family in immigration policy to protect bi-national families threatened with deportation.
  • Asserts that the southwest border is more secure than at any time in the past twenty years, unlawful crossings are at a 40-year low, and that the Border Patrol is better staffed than at any time in its history.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Do You Need to Hire an Attorney to File a Deferred Action Petition?

President Obama's executive order on deferred action is now a reality. Effective August 15, 2012, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) began accepting applications for deferred action and work permit requests from undocumented young immigrants.

Are you one of the undocumented young immigrants? If so, you are probably wondering if you should file a petition yourself or hire an attorney. You are probably thinking that attorneys are expensive and you are wondering how difficult could it be to file the petition without a lawyer.  But, before you make a decision consider what the stakes are if you make a mistake. Filing for deferred action is much more than answering a few easy questions on a form. The smallest error could be devastating. Read the article I posted on the website of Tucker & Ludin at http://www.tuckerludin.com/practice-areas/immigration/deferred-action-for-young-illegal-immigrants/

If you are interested in filing a deferred action petition, I encourage you to call the immigration attorneys at Tucker & Ludin at 727-572-5000 or e-mail me at Ludin@tuckerludin.com

Our offices are located in Clearwater Florida. However, we can assist you anywhere in the United States and would be pleased to arrange a consultation by telephone or skype if you cannot come by the office.